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Measuring Up Guide

Step l
Carefully measure the width and height of the opening you wish to install your wardrobe, measure the width at the top and bottom of the opening and the height at 3 points left, middle & right. Your new wardrobe will be made to measure so it is important these dimensions are accurate. Use the lowest of each dimension.

Step 2
Our wardrobe kits are supplied with liners all around the opening: Top, Bottom, Left & Right. Check with a spirit level to see if your walls and ceilings are running out of level or plumb, as you may need to use some packers to ensure the wardrobe frame is installed square. If your ceiling is a long way out of level please inform us and we will send a deeper top track to accommodate this.

Step 3
If you intend to use an end panel, please provide us with the overall dimension of the wardrobe, we will allow for the thickness of the end panel and liners.

Step 4
The maximum wardrobe width is 5266mm and the maximum opening height for doors is 2540mm, if your wardrobe is taller than this an infill panel will be added to your order to infill above the doors.

How to take the correct measurements

What our customers say...

Many thanks for our fitted wardrobe, we are very pleased with the finished product, it has really transformed the room. — Mrs Galley

We are so pleased with the wardrobe you installed, thankyou for dealing with the tricky details of the room. — Mr Hoar, Stubbington

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What Our Customers Say